Diabetic & High-Risk Medication Screening

We help you protect one of your most vital assets from retinopathy

Lower your risk of vision loss

Diabetes and antirheumatic drugs like Plaquenil increase your risk of developing serious vision problems, like diabetic and hydroxychloroquine retinopathy. If not detected early and treated, these can lead to retinal detachments, scarring, and eventually vision loss.

Dr. Vrabec draws on his extensive experience and advanced medical technology to examine your eyes and provide a swift diagnosis and risk assessment. With our team of experts, we’ll deliver a personalized treatment plan to preserve your vision, quality of life, and peace of mind.


Our high-risk screening preserves your eyesight and well-being with:
  • Swift diagnosis with same-day results
  • Cutting-edge imaging technology: high-resolution OCT, macular perimetry, and dilated fundoscopy
  • Coordination with any necessary subspecialty consultations
  • Ongoing and always available support so you’re never alone

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