Cataract Surgery and Premium Lenses

Expert surgery. Advanced lenses. Clearer vision.

An Experienced Surgeon Committed to Your Unique Needs

Cataracts cloud the normally clear lens of the eye, making it difficult to perform daily activities, like driving. Treatments vary based on its stage of development, from glasses to surgery. Dr. Vrabec, certified in Laser Cataract Surgery, will evaluate your condition, discuss options with you, and help you select the best treatment. With thousands of successful cataract procedures performed, you can trust that your eyesight will be in steady and experienced hands.

If surgery is right for you, we’ll utilize our vast experience and advanced laser technology to deliver precise, minimally invasive surgery. You’ll get high-quality treatment tailored to your individual needs for a comfortable, caring experience.


Cataract patients can benefit from our:
  • Outpatient procedure where you can typically go home a few hours after the surgery
  • Simple, effective numbing eye drops, instead of involved general anesthesia
  • Premium intraocular lenses (IOL) that can improve eyesight and reduce the need for glasses
  • High-resolution, 3D mapping of your eye for pinpoint accuracy and personalization

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