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What does LASIK really cost?

LASIK Pricing in the United States

At the Clear Vision Center, we believe you deserve price transparency. We understand that choosing laser vision correction is a really big deal, and that part of your decision to trust us with your vision will be based on cost. We urge you to be an informed consumer, as many practices do not offer straightforward pricing. Ask yourself, if they aren't being upfront with their pricing, can I really trust them with my vision? While the bottom-line price of modern LASIK in the U.S.A. averages between $4000-$8000, what is initially advertised and actually included in that final price will vary widely among laser vision centers. You'll learn more about some nefarious marketing techniques below!

Why does LASIK Cost So Much?

The truth is, it doesn't! Laser vision correction has been around for nearly 30 years, and much like the new smartphone you hold in your hand, the technology has advanced greatly over the past few years. With the newest and best laser technology, the cost to own and maintain modern femtosecond and excimer lasers is more than triple the average price of a single family home in the United States. While expensive, we have invested in the modern technology because we are 100% committed to achieving the best possible LASIK results for our patients without cutting corners. These modern laser advances now allow for a more comfortable procedure, increased precision of treatments, longer-lasting results, and reduced side effects. With the technology needed to achieve these great outcomes, the price of LASIK has increased as well, much like the price of our smartphones has increased with their added features and improved performance. However, despite the investment involved, LASIK is a long-term solution that can cost you less than your current monthly phone plan, and free you from costly yearly updates to glasses and contact lenses.

Renting vs Owning Your Vision

The cost of glasses and contacts has steadily risen over time as well, albeit without any groundbreaking technological advances. On average people will spend $25,000 over their lifetime on glasses and contacts, while essentially renting your vision from the >150 BILLION dollar glasses and contacts industry. Renting often makes sense when considering something short-term, but for a long-term essential need such as your vision, a more permanent solution can make more financial sense, and of course carries the additional benefits of being free from glasses and contacts! Once free from glasses and contacts, you'll immediately start recouping the costs by not needing to constantly replenish contact lenses, supplies, glasses, and sunglasses every year. In the long run, you'll not only save thousands of dollars, but you'll also finally be free from vision "crutches" for your basic daily activities and own the vision you deserve.

Risks of Glasses and Contacts

Glasses and contacts aren't risk-free either! Contact lens overwear (allergy) and corneal ulcer infections can cause permanent corneal scarring which can permanently affect vision. Bifocal glasses can also create dangerous vision shifts that can increase risk of falling, and large glasses prescriptions can also distort peripheral vision.

Beware of the "Bait and Switch"

Some large LASIK chains have recently been cited by authorities for making it standard business practice to intentionally "bait" potential customers into their center with an impossibly low advertised price, which if actually offered would not even come close to covering the cost to do the procedure! (Hint: LASIK is not ever going to actually cost you $300 per eye). Once they have enticed you into their office with the low advertised price, they use high-pressure sales tactics to get you to upgrade or "switch" to a better, all-laser procedure, custom treatments, enhancement packages, dry eye treatments, etc. In the end, you still end up paying the same, but have ended up a victim of a "bait-and-switch" scheme. Doesn't make you feel warm and fuzzy about trusting them with your vision, does it? Not only that, you probably won't get a personal consultation with your actual surgeon, and to put icing on the cake, they probably informed you that you get one post-procedure checkup with a surgeon and then are told to followup with your regular doctor. It's starting to make sense why they can charge so little, isn't it? One laser chain was recently fined by the Federal Trade Commission over $1M for this bait and switch practice: FTC Lawsuit LASIK Plus When it comes to your vision, do you really want to go with the "cheap" option?

Our Transparent, Zero Compromise Approach

Our private, on-site laser vision correction suite at the Clear Vision Center was specifically designed to provide a premium patient experience. We firmly believe that every candidate deserves access to the best laser technology in the world, and both a comfortable and successful vision correction journey. We understand that you are making a big investment, and we want you to feel confident that you can trust us as your vision-correction partner throughout the entire journey. Our bottom-line pricing includes an all-laser procedure, plus everything you'll need along the way:

  • Complimentary initial screening & consultation with your surgeon
  • On-site procedure in our private, spa-like suite
  • Gold Standard All-Laser LASIK procedure: Comfortable, light-touch Zeiss Visumax flap creation combined with Alcon Wavelight EX500 Wavefront-Optimized laser correction
  • Optional premium upgrades available for Custom Contoura Topography-Guided LASIK or Zeiss SMILE (no flap LASIK)
  • All procedure-related eye drops, appointments and enhancements for two years
  • 0% financing over 24 months for qualified applicants
  • No hidden fees!

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Do you Offer LASIK Discounts?

Unlike the big LASIK chains, we do not discount the price of our procedures. We have invested in the best LASIK technology in the world (at a significant cost) because we don't believe in taking short cuts when it comes to your vision. While we could offer a low-cost version of the procedure with older technology, that contradicts our value of striving for the best possible outcome in every single patient. And besides, is that really what you would want for perhaps your most important sense? After all, this is your vision we are talking about!

While we appreciate that having custom vision correction with the best technology is a significant investment, we are confident that you will see the long-term value of the investment you are making in your vision. And to help you offset the initial upfront costs, we offer convenient 0% financing* over 24 months via Alphaeon Credit which can immediately bring vision correction to you for under $110/mo (per eye). Talk to us to find out more details about our Friends & Family Program which can give you the cost savings you are looking for while correcting your vision...a true win-win!

Am I a Candidate for LASIK?

Every potential candidate for LASIK undergoes a meticulous screening process where we assess various factors including the shape of the eye, your current glasses prescription, and other factors such as your personality, profession and vision goals. The best candidates for LASIK are between 20-45 with mild-to-moderate degrees of myopia, astigmatism, or hyperopia. If you are over 45 or have conditions such as keratoconus, autoimmune disease, severe dry eye syndrome, or high degrees of myopia, then Dr Vrabec may recommend an alternative vision-correcting procedure such as the Visian EVO ICL or refractive lens exchange (RLE) at your consultation.

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