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EVO ICL in Rochester Hills, MI.

What is the EVO ICL?

Staar Surgical’s EVO ICL™ (Implantable Collamer Lens) is a tiny, flexible implantable lens made of 100% biocompatible collagen polymers. It is FDA-approved for correction of moderate-to-high degrees of myopia (nearsightedness) and astigmatism. The EVO ICL is placed in a quick and painless outpatient procedure performed in our office-based suite, typically both eyes the same day. After receiving relaxing medication, the eye is numbed with eye drops and through tiny opening the EVO ICL is placed behind the iris (the colored part of the eye). After placement, the eye feels back to normal within 24 hours, albeit with your newly corrected vision! Invisible to you and others, the EVO ICL has the added bonus of being UV protective!

Why Have Vision Correction with the EVO ICL instead of LASIK?

The ideal patient for the EVO ICL is someone who is under 40 and has moderate-to-high degrees of myopia and desires to see without glasses or contacts. Patients who otherwise weren't candidates for LASIK can even benefit from the EVO ICL, because we can even correct patients who are -10.00 or higher! The reason is that that unlike LASIK, where the cornea is reshaped by a laser, we are not dependent on the thickness of your cornea to do the EVO ICL procedure. Since the cornea isn't reshaped, patients with thin corneas or keratoconus (a condition of abnormal steepening and thinning of the cornea) may benefit. The only limitations are from your actual prescription (we cannot correct far-sightedness, for example) or the size of the space that the EVO ICL will make home, known as the ciliary sulcus, which we will measure at your screening. Other patients that may opt for the EVO ICL are those whom are concerned about dry eyes and/or are looking for an alternative vision correction solution to LASIK. The vision results with EVO ICL are comparable to LASIK, if not better! Learn More About LASIK

Is this a Contact Lens?

No, the EVO ICL is not a traditional contact lens, it is completely different! The EVO ICL is made of collagen polymers (the same collagen that is found in our skin, hair, and nails) making it biocompatible and tolerated well even by people who don't tolerate contact lenses. It is also placed inside the eye, rather than on the surface of the eye, meaning there is no ongoing maintenance with the EVO ICL. While the EVO ICL is designed to safely remain in the eye for decades until you need cataract surgery, the EVO ICL can be removed from the eye if necessary to be upgraded to a different power, or if you prefer to return to wearing glasses or contacts.

What are the Side Effects?

The EVO ICL has been implanted over 1 million times with outstanding results and safety record. Most patients report an HD-like quality of vision that even exceeds that with their old contacts or glasses. Common initial side effects are mild dryness for a few weeks, and a slight visual glare or halo effect which typically resolves within the first couple months. Rare cases of cataract and high eye pressure have been reported, but typically can be avoided if the EVO ICL is properly sized and fit by your surgeon. The good news is that if you do experience these side effects, the EVO ICL can be safely removed. And if you develop cataracts in the future, this can be corrected with cataract surgery combined with an advanced technology IOL to restore your vision once again. Learn More About Cataract Surgery

Am I a Candidate for the EVO ICL?

To determine if you are a candidate, we start with a complimentary consultation and detailed measurements of your eyes. If you are a candidate and think the EVO ICL is right for you, we schedule a detailed examination of your eyes including a dilated examination of your retina to determine if the EVO ICL is a good fit with your unique vision needs and goals.

EVO ICL Pricing in the United States

At Michigan Ophthalmology, we believe you deserve price transparency. We understand that choosing to have vision correction is a really big deal, and that part of your decision to trust us with your vision will be based on cost. We urge you to be an informed consumer, as many practices do not offer straightforward pricing. Ask yourself, if they aren't being upfront with their pricing, can I really trust them with my vision? While the bottom-line price of EVO ICL in the U.S.A. ranges widely between $6000-9000, what is initially advertised and actually included in that final price will vary widely among vision correction centers. The EVO ICL does cost more than LASIK due to the fact that you'll be walking away with your very own custom-made, UV-protecting, EVO ICL lens with your procedure!

Why does the EVO ICL Cost So Much?

The truth is, it doesn't! ICL-based vision correction has been around for over 20 years, and much like the new smartphone you hold in your hand, the technology has advanced greatly over the past few years to improve results and reduce the rate of side effects, but at added cost. With the technology needed to achieve these great outcomes, the price of ICL surgery has increased as well, much like the price of our smartphones has increased with their added features and improved performance. However, despite the investment involved, the EVO ICL is a long-term solution that can cost you less than your current monthly phone plan, and free you from costly yearly updates to glasses and contact lenses. This is particularly true for those with high-powered glasses or contacts prescriptions!

On average people will spend $25,000 over their lifetime on glasses and contacts, essentially while renting your vision from the glasses and contacts industry. Renting often makes sense when considering something short-term, but for a long-term need like your vision, a more permanent solution can make more financial sense, and of course carries the additional benefits of being free from glasses and contacts! Once free from glasses and contacts, you'll immediately start recouping the costs by not needing to constantly replenish contact lenses, supplies, and glasses every year.

Our Transparent, Zero Compromise Approach

Our private, on-site vision correction suite, the Custom Vision Center, was specifically designed to provide a premium patient experience. We firmly believe that every candidate deserves access to the best vision-correction technology in the world, and both a comfortable and successful vision correction journey. We understand that you are making a big investment, and we want you to feel confident that you can trust us as your vision-correction partner throughout the entire journey. This is why we are the only practice in Detroit offering the EVO ICL to openly advertise our prices.
Our bottom-line price includes everything you'll need along the way:

  • Complimentary initial screening & consultation with your surgeon
  • On-site procedure in our private, spa-like suite
  • Your custom-made EVO ICL
  • All procedure-related eye drops, appointments and enhancements for two years
  • 0% financing over 24 months for qualified applicants
  • Potential rebates up to $1000 for participating in our Friends & Family Program
  • No up-charges or hidden fees, promise!

Our EVO ICL Price - $6500

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Benefits of EVO ICL Surgery:
  • Corrects moderate-to-high myopia with HD-like vision
  • Offers UV protection
  • Safe with thin corneas or keratoconus
  • Option for many patients who don't qualify for LASIK
  • Lower risk of dry eye symptoms compared to LASIK
  • Removable and upgradable, if necessary
  • Short, painless procedure in office-based setting
  • Fast recovery time: return to work next day
  • Avoids LASIK flap for "high-impact" lifestyles (boxers, MMA)
  • Long-term savings compared to ongoing high-powered glasses and contacts

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