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Cataracts cloud the normally clear lens of the eye, eventually making it difficult to perform daily activities such as reading, driving, or performing computer work. If you feel like cataracts might be impacting your life, you can trust that Dr. Vrabec is a highly-skilled and experienced Board-certified cataract surgeon with a vast knowledge and personal experience with the latest techniques and vision correction options. At your cataract consultation, we will conduct a detailed evaluation of your entire eye, perform advanced testing, and discuss the procedure and lens options with you.

In addition to having the cloudy or dysfunctional lens removed, many patients are choosing to reduce or eliminate their need for glasses or contacts with an advanced technology lens. We will help determine if you are a candidate for vision correction depending on your unique goals and overall eye health. Dr Vrabec will personally review all options with you to help you choose the best lens for your unique situation, whether it be a light-adjustable lens, PanOptix Trifocal, Vivity EDOF, or a basic lens. View the videos below for more information on some popular IOL options, and start thinking about which IOL might be the best fit for your goals!

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Explore Your Lens Options

Light-Adjustable Lens

RxSight Light-Adjustable Lens The light-adjustable lens is the only lens that allows you to customize your vision after the procedure. We use a revolutionary lens implant that can be adjusted or fine-tuned to your liking in the weeks following surgery. This allows us to correct your astigmatism after the eye has healed, and has the highest rate of 20/20 vision following surgery! More Information On Light-Adjustable Lens

PanOptix Trifocal IOL

Alcon PanOptix IOL - Trifocal IOL With skilled selection and placement by an experienced surgeon, the PanOptix IOL corrects distance, intermediate (computer), and near vision. It also corrects mild-moderate degrees of astigmatism. Patients may in some cases require mild readers for very tiny print, particularly in dim lighting conditions. Nighttime glare and halos are a possibility, but in most cases do not impact your ability to drive at night. A large-scale study of the PanOptix IOL found that 99.8% of patients said they would choose the PanOptix IOL if they had to make the decision again!

View Vivity IOL Video

Alcon Vivity IOL - Extended Depth of Focus IOL With skilled selection and placement by an experienced surgeon, this IOL will correct your distance vision, as well as the intermediate zone (computer distance). It also corrects mild-moderate degrees of astigmatism. It has a lower rate of nighttime glare and halos compared to the PanOptix IOL, but would still require reading glasses for fine print in most cases.

View Toric IOL Video

Toric IOL - Monofocal IOL for Astigmatism With skilled selection and placement by an experienced surgeon, a Toric IOL more optimally corrects either distance, intermediate (computer), OR near vision in patients with astigmatism in comparison to a standard monofocal IOL. By correcting astigmatism with the IOL, you may reduce your dependence on glasses for primarily one are of focus, but will continue to need glasses for the other areas of focus.

Cataract patients can benefit from our:
  • Outpatient procedure where you can typically go home right after the surgery
  • Minimal sedation required, ensuring comfortable procedure and fast recovery
  • Precision with advanced screening technology and micro-surgery
  • Advanced technology lenses such as the Vivity and PanOptix lens that can reduce or eliminate the need for glasses after surgery
  • Light-adjustable lenses for customized vision that can be fine-tuned after surgery

What are our patients saying about cataract surgery?


Before my cataract surgery, I was very nervous. Dr. Vrabec and his team made me feel very relaxed and comfortable. Dr. Vrabec’s reassuring manner and clear explanation of the procedure put me at ease. The procedure for my eyes has had the most wonderful results. Everything has become bright and clear, even on the darkest and dreariest of days. I see things in nature I have not noticed in a long time. The color of the leaves, the dew on the branches, even the sunsets look more intense with their spectacular light show of colors. I can now drive without any problem of the oncoming light. I felt like I was just a number with my previous ophthalmologist, but Dr. Vrabec made me feel like I am important to him as a patient.

DH - Surgery Patient

Totally “Amazing & Unbelievable” is how I felt the day after eye surgery, especially when the office measured my eye sight as 20/20. I could hardly wait to schedule surgery for my other eye. No more glasses or contacts. I was able to work on my computer the same day, right after surgery. My vision is now perfect, colors more vivid. Dr Vrabec was the second eye surgeon that I visited regarding my cataracts. He removed all my concerns by explaining throughly and clearly each process. We discussed my options and I opted for the PanOptix Lens implant. The surgery was totally without discomfort during or after surgery. Dr. Vrabec is an excellent eye surgeon with a compassionate demeanor. His personal follow up is reflective of the pride he takes in helping his patients improve their vision. I was very happy with his great office staff and the supporting teams at the Eye Surgery Center of Michigan (COVID-19 protocol was definitely followed). I highly recommend Dr Joshua Vrabec M.D. for corrective eye surgery. Thank you again, for my new vision with the PanOptix Lens.

RG - Surgery Patient


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