Diabetes & High-Risk Medication Screening

Team-based approach to protect your vision and overall health

Lower your risk of vision loss

Diabetes and certain medications like Plaquenil (hydroxychloroquine) increase your risk of developing serious vision problems. If not detected early and treated, these can lead to retinal disease, and possibly vision loss.

Our specialists draw on their extensive experience and advanced screening technology to carefully evaluate your eyes and provide a comprehensive risk assessment. This is immediately communicated with your primary physician and the rest of your health care team to ensure prompt coordination of care.

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Our high-risk screening helps preserves your vision with:
  • Detailed examination and testing with same-day results
  • Cutting-edge imaging technology: high-resolution OCT, macular perimetry, and dilated fundoscopy
  • Coordination with your entire health care team
  • Ongoing support for questions

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