LASIK Alternatives for Vision Correction

With the recent FDA approvals of the Vuity eye drop for presbyopia and the EVO Visian ICL, patients have even more options for reducing their dependence on glasses and contacts. Contact lens intolerance can cause significant chronic eye dryness and irritation, but many patients are still hesitant to proceed with laser vision correction such as LASIK. Some are ready to take the leap with LASIK and experience the benefits of vision correction, but are not a candidate for laser vision correction due to thin corneas.

Does LASIK Wear Off?

Does LASIK Wear Off?  

This is a common question we hear from patients who are experiencing blurring of their near vision many years after having laser vision correction (LVC) such PRK, LASIK, or SMILE. An explanation follows below, but the short answer is no, the LASIK did not wear off!  

Laser vision procedures alter the shape of the cornea (the clear ocular surface) to change the power of the eye and eliminate the need for glasses.

The EVO ICL Provides Lens-Based Vision Solution for Patients with Myopia

The FDA has now approved the more advanced EVO ICL, which can provide the even better visual outcomes but with even fewer risks. The EVO ICL is an implantable collagen-polymer lens that is placed by an experienced surgeon right behind the iris. Different than refractive lens exchange, placement of the EVO ICL does not require removal of the natural crystalline lens.

Experience. Better. Vision.

You're doing your part by wearing a mask, but with colder temperatures your glasses lenses continue to fog up. Sound familiar? Many patients are exploring alternative ways to correct their vision, including the safe and effective non- surgical option of contact lenses.

Prokera Biological Corneal Bandage a New Option Severe Dry Eye

Michigan Ophthalmology is now offering the Prokera Biological Corneal Bandage for patients with severe ocular surface disease including severe dry eye syndrome, recurrent corneal erosions, and other conditions. If you are suffering from severe dry eyes or recurrent ocular surface irritation, call to schedule a consultation to learn about this and other cutting-edge treatments we offer to treat this common, irritating condition.

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Now accepting Beaumont Employee Health Plan!

Michigan Ophthalmology is proud to now be an in-network provider for Beaumont Health employees, accepting BHEHP effective 12/1/19. Dr. Joshua Vrabec, MD, is a local, accessible, and reliable comprehensive ophthalmologist with over 10 years of clinical and academic practice in Michigan since 2009. He specializes in comprehensive ophthalmology and cataract surgery with including premium vision correction.

Non-Invasive Treatment Option for Chalazion

Chalazia are a result of chronic inflammation in the eyelids, particularly from meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) or blepharitis. When the glands aren't functioning normally, they are prone to closure and a firm, tender nodule may form in the eyelid.

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