Dry Eye Update

Dry Eye: It's Not Just a Winter Problem!

by Dr Danielle Alperin OD, Dry Eye Specialist

Here in Michigan, we often think of winter as the worst season for dry eyes but as it turns out summer isn’t much better! Whether it is more time spent outdoors on the lake and in the pool or your air conditioning that is on full blast when indoors, it’s important to recognize how each of these can affect the eyes and even more importantly- what can be done about it!

Typically, when we think of UV exposure it is regarding sunscreen-specifically, wearing enough of it to protect your skin, but it is just as essential to protect your eyes from those same UV rays. Wearing sunglasses with UV protection and polarization not only protects your eyes from the harsh drying sun rays but also from wind and dry air damage.

Air conditioning in your car, at work, and at home can give you a much-needed reprieve from the summer heat, but it can also be very drying. Take care to avoid the vents and fans blowing directly towards your face.

Although the pool is a fun and relaxing summer activity, keep in mind that pool water washes away our natural tears and when that same water contains chlorine, some extra care for your eyes is critical. Chlorine in pools is meant to keep us safe but can be very drying to the eyes in addition to causing increased burning, stinging and redness. Wearing goggles in the pool can help reduce these symptoms. You can also try using preservative free artificial tears after a day of swimming for some necessary relief.

Following these tips can help ensure that dry eyes don’t ruin your summer fun. If you continue to have trouble with dryness we are here to help! We offer the latest in dry eye and blepharitis solutions, including intense pulsed light (IPL), iLux MGD, serum tears, and much more! Give us a call at 248-710-2325 to schedule an appointment, or take our Dry Eye Self Test to learn more about common symptoms of dry eye syndrome.

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