EVO Visian ICL Provides Lens-Based Vision Solution for Patients with High Myopia

The FDA has now approved the more advanced EVO Visian ICL, which can provide the even better visual outcomes but with even fewer risks. The EVO ICL is an implantable collagen-polymer lens that is placed by an experienced surgeon right behind the iris. Different than refractive lens exchange, placement of the EVO ICL does not require removal of the natural crystalline lens. The best candidates for the EVO ICL are patients between 20-39 who have moderate-to-high myopia (including astigmatism), including those patients whom may have been told they are not a candidate for laser vision correction (LASIK, PRK) due to thin corneas. Another advantage of the EVO ICL is that unlike laser vision correction, it does not require disruption of the corneal surface, which may be problematic for patients with moderate-to-severe dry eyes or other corneal conditions such keratoconus. The EVO ICL is a safe procedure when sized and placed in appropriate candidates by an experienced intraocular surgeon such as Dr. Vrabec.  If you have questions about the ICL or other vision correction solutions, contact us today or schedule a free, no-obligation refractive consultation with Dr Vrabec.

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