Dropless Cataract Surgery

Dropless Cataract Surgery

Historically, patients needing cataract surgery were subject to needing a weeks-long regimen of 2-3 different eye drop prescriptions to help prevent infection and inflammation. Recent advances now allow for select patients to heal after cataract surgery without the need for drops.

How is this possible?

One critical component of post-operative care involves the use of an antibiotic to help prevent a serious infection. Numerous studies have concluded that the antibiotic can be safely administered during surgery, rather than be given after surgery as a drop, which we now do on all of our patients.
The second common medication needed after surgery is a steroid to control inflammation and allow the eye to heal comfortably. Recent advances now allow for this steroid to be administered via a tiny, dissolvable pellet that is placed in the tear duct at the time of surgery. The steroid is slowly released from the pellet over four weeks, mixing in with your natural tears and absorbing into the eye just like a drop...but without the drop!

Given these advances, we now are able to offer patients this exciting pathway to recovery without drops, which is particularly helpful for those with memory problems (trouble remembering drops) or arthritic conditions where instilling drops is a physical challenge.

Call now if you are interested in learning more about cataract surgery and if dropless surgery is right for you!

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