Finding the Contact Lenses that Work for You

Finding the Contact Lenses that Work for You

I frequently get asked by patients how I choose which contact lenses to use. Today I thought I would share a glimpse into my thought process. The contact lens industry is always evolving but after many years of fitting contact lenses this is how I’ve made sense of it all.

First, I look at a patient’s age. Everyone over the age of 38 eventually has difficulty with their near vision. If the patient falls into this category and is noticing near vision changes our contact lens options are limited to either a multifocal contact lens (both eyes see distance, intermediate and near), monovision contact lenses (one eye sees distance and one eye sees near) or single vision lenses with reading glasses. If the patient has no near issues our options are virtually endless!

Second, I review how the patient uses their eyes. Are they on a computer most of the day? Do their eyes ever itch, burn or feel gritty? These questions give me some insight into any hidden dry eye issues that will need to be addressed either through lid hygiene or specific lens materials.

Third, I look at the patient’s prescription and corneal curvature. Astigmatism used to be a reason why an individual couldn’t wear contact lenses – but not anymore! With today’s technology most any prescription can be made.

Finally, I think about how often the patient wants to replace their lenses. Currently the industry has daily disposable, two-week replacements, and monthly replacement. If available, my preference is to have all patients in daily disposables as they are the healthiest and cleanest option.

Once I find the lens that fits all the criteria the evaluation portion begins. Stay tuned to the next post where I will explain why a contact lens evaluation is needed every year!

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