Vivity IOL Provides Enhanced Depth of Focus without Glasses

Vivity IOL Provides Enhanced Depth of Focus without Glasses


Need cataract surgery and want more out of your vision? Patients now have a new option for vision correction that minimizes post-operative glare and halos. Give us a call today to speak with one of our consultants to see if Vivity may be right for you!



    • Veronica Merritt

      Are there color enhancing therapeutic lenses that correct eye irregularity following cornea replacement surgery?
      As a public figure, I need to correct my appearance so my eyes look even, and the discoloration remaining following successful cornea replacement surgery is balanced.
      Thanks very much, Veronica


    • Michigan Ophthalmology

      Yes, there are contact lenses available in colors. In order to know if your condition is treatable with one of these lenses, we would be happy to evaluate you in the clinic.
      We now have a contact lens specialist in the office, Dr. Danielle Alperin. To schedule an appointment, please call our office at 248-710-2325
      Thank you,
      Michigan Ophthalmology


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